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Facewheels team has more than 10+ years in design, manufacture and marketing of luxury customised forged wheels for the automotive industry.


FaceWheels Custom Forged

FaceWheels 2P / 3P Custom Forged Wheels Rims.

Forged Wheel Barrels

14" to 26" Forged Wheel Barrels for 2P Forged Wheels.

Inner Barrels/Outer Lips

14" to 26" Forged inner Barrels/Outer Lips for 3P Forged Wheels.

DomeWheels Forged

Dome Monoblock/2P Custom Forged Wheels.

Flow-Forming Wheels

FaceWheels Flow-Forming Wheels.

Wheel Stand Rack

Dome Original Design Wheel Stand Rack.


Dome Wheels is Sub Brand of FaceWheels.

Face Wheels team has more then 10+ years in design, manufacture and marketing of luxury customized wheels for the automotive industry.

With leading edge style, precision engineering, Face Wheels unique style and wheel fitments support modifications of performance, luxury vehicles and Super Cars.

FaceWheels Brand

Dome is New Sub Brand of Facewheels, We are TS16949 Car Wheels Manufacturer in China.

DOME forged Wheel barrels have advantages not only in price but in quality. It's Competitive Advantage Products. We have many wheels builder partner all over the world.

Size from 14" to 26", Width:8J to 14J.

We not only supply forged barrels for 2pcs and inner barrels,outer lips for 3pcs forged wheels but also sell the wheel rims .

We supply the monoblock forged wheels, 2pcs forged wheels from 17" to 22" and accept OEM/ODM customized wheel rims for clients.

The Assemble Wheel Stand Rack is our Original Design, it's very easy to install and carry, especial for exhibition show.
Custom Forged Wheels Rims

Super Power Super Car, One Face at a Time!

FaceWheels / DomeWheels

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