2-Piece Custom Forged Wheels

2 Piece Customized Size Forged Concave Rims Wheels

  • Material:Aluminum Alloy
  • Size:18-22 inch
  • ET:Customization
  • CB:Customization
  • PCD:Customization
  • Finishing:One Color Paint/Brush
  • Port:Ningbo, Shanghai, Xiamen
  • Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Alibaba
  • 2-Piece Custom Forged Wheels Details:

    2- Piece forged wheels are pretty much manufactured the same as the Monoblock forged wheels except that they are mashiened out of 2 separate pieces which are then bolted together. A 2-piece wheel in this configuration pretty much looks like a Monoblock Wheel but with exposed Hardware (showing Bolts) If you do not want the bolts to be seen it is also possible to make them with non exposed hardware so the bolts will not be visible.

    Now the question is, why a 2 piece wheel? Mostly because with a 2 piece wheel in some applications you can run a more concave profile. On some applications, not on all applications. Its also easier to have 2 tone finishes.


    2 Piece Forged Wheel Process

    The 2-Piece Custom Forged Wheel Series is defined by its two-piece by bolts construction. A variety of configurations are available, including Flat Lip, Stepped Lip, and Stepped Lip with Overlapping Spokes.

    Flat Lip Step Lip Step Lip with Overlapping Spokes

                              Flat Lip                                                            Step Lip                             Step Lip with Overlapping Spokes

    These assembly configurations facilitate a variety of aesthetics as well as fitment options, allowing for a deep lip and flat face or deep concave face with overlapping spokes. Varying disc types also aid the fitment of bigger brakes.

    Forged Wheels Personal Custom

    Forged Wheel Barrel Lips


    Flat and deep profiles are available for wheel design. While some high offset applications may not be able to accommodate deep centers, other applications may choose between a deep center and smaller lip or flat center and deeper lip.


                        Flat Profile                                                                Deep Profile


    2 Piece Customized Size Forged Concave Rims Wheels

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